VA Man Pays Taxes On Two Cars With 300,000 Pennies...Is My New Hero!

We've all been frustrated at the DMV. Long lines, slow service...all to ultimately pay them money for the right to drive something you already own...Ugh! Well, Nick Stafford decided to flip the tables and frustrate the workers at the DMV all in an attempt to stick it to the man!

Homeboy wheeled in five wheelbarrows filled with pennies this week, 300,000 to be exact, to pay his $3,000 tax on two vehicles!

It cost him the $3,000, plus $400 worth of wheelbarrows, plus the $440 he paid people $10/hour to help him unwrap and pack the pennies...but at the end of the day the satisfaction and the value in the look on the faces of the workers at the DMV was well worth it!

Check this out!

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