We Finally Got The Details On Nintendo Switch!

It's been a quiet couple of months from Nintendo after they dropped a bombshell in October announcing their upcoming new system, the Nintendo Switch. At that point in time they unveiled some screenshots, some gameplay and dropped a pretty sick trailer for the new system.

Well, late last night Nintendo held a press conference in Japan that changed all of that. We learned when the system will be released (March 3rd, 2017), how much it will cost ($299), which games will be available on release date (Zelda: Breath of The Wind, 1-2 Switch and more) and which will others are coming down the chute (Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and more).

Here are a few other things that we also learned about the new system...

  • The Joy-Con controllers contain motion controls, an NFC reader, 'HD rumble', and an IR camera
  • Games will come in cartridge form
  • Battery life from 2.5-6 hours when removed from dock
  • Online play will be free until fall 2017 but has a monthly fee that will include free games
  • 80 games are currently in development

Here are some images of the upcoming system...

Source: [Nintendo.com]

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