Adrian Peterson Says He's Worth $18 Million...Here's Why That's Ridiculous

Adrian Peterson has been making some splashy news today with his short-list of three teams he would consider if the Vikings weren't ready to fork over the $18 million he's due for 2017. Part way through his conversation with ESPN's First Take, Adrian made a comment about how he's earned the right to demand the $18 million he's owed from the Vikings for next season.

On one hand I understand what he's saying in the sense that throughout his career he has been elite. But what he's forgetting is that he's no longer elite and his body has been failing him the past 4 or 5 years.

If he still feels like arguing that point, take a look at this list below that was provided by rube Ron Julin on Twitter which highlights the highest paid running backs in the league right now. 

Just take a look at this...

That's a mighty big drop off from #1 to #2, especially considering that over the past two seasons McCoy has offered 2100 yards and 19 TDs, Stewart chipped in with 1800 yards and 16 TDs and Adrian only tallied 1500 yards and 11 TDs. That's not requisite of earning 10 MILLION MORE than the second highest paid running back in the league.

I rest my case your honor.

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