"I think it's going to be difficult for [the Vikings] to re-sign Kalil..."

By: Aj Mansour | KFAN.com

With our favorite football team watching the playoffs the same way that we are [on the couch], it's already time to start contemplating free agency and looking ahead to the draft. For the Minnesota Vikings, almost all of that attention this off season will be directed towards the offensive line and making improvements across the board. 

Thursday morning, NFL agent Blake Baratz joined Paul Allen and had an interesting comment surrounding one of the pieces on that line that many Vikings fans think is already a cinch.

"I think it's going to be difficult for [the Vikings] to re-sign Kalil," Baratz told KFAN. "I don't think he'll end up here."

Pressed on the why, Baratz claimed that this was simply his intuition and that he had no inside information on the situation explaining...

"It's a combination of a lot of things...I think from how he's played, to what he can command, to his injury history there's just a lot of 'what ifs?' And he can probably go somewhere and get a contract that doesn't say 'what if?'"

It's an interesting theory that can go both ways. The negotiating process between Kalil and the Vikings is going to be an interesting one that will including weighing in the desperation of the team as well as the level of interest Kalil is getting around the league.

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