Thousands Of Red Skittles Spilled Across a Hwy in Wisconsin Last Week

A weird scene unfolded last week when THOUSANDS of red skittles spilled across a Wisconsin highway and began to bleed their red coloring all over the pavement. 

According to officials, a load of unmarked Skittles which were deemed not suitable for human consumption due to misshapen shells and the like. The box carrying the delicious candy, was moistened by the rain and broke causing thousands of red skittles to hit the pavement and very quickly begin to bleed their red coloring all over the pavement.

It was a strange scene that became even stranger when we learned that the skittles were on their way to be fed to cattle at a dairy farm. Yeah, you heard that right. Skittles for cows.

Apparently, this isn't that strange as Dairy Farmers use the candy thrown aside by large companies to mix in with cattle feed to give their animals an energy boost. Strange, but I guess it makes sense since kids get all hopped up on sugar too.

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