An Onion Half Offers President Trump a Challenge He Can't Turn Down

It began as a joke, a long shot, a dream. But now a twitter account run by a "half onion" is challenging President Donald Trump and his ego to a battle in the only gladiator's arena that the President simply cannot ignore...Twitter.

They're calling it the ultimate Twitter war. A battle between the President of the United States and an half used vegetable that is presently sweeping the nation.

The challenged, issued by a Half Onion in a ziploc bag was issued on January 20th at 1:01pm. A race to see who can end the challenge with more Twitter followers. In those four days, the Half Onion has gained more than 520,000 twitter followers and the campaign is only gaining steam.

In an effort to close the 21.5 million follower gap (@realDonaldTrump presently has more than 21,000,000 followers), the onion has even taken up some humor over the past few days...

So there you have it, this is the world we live in today. A world were a half onion is issuing challenges to the new leader of the free world.

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