WET NOSED WEDNESDAY: Meet Olivia & Joseph

Are you ready to meet two adorable kittens?

They are both six months old and are in foster care through Fur-Ever Home Rescue. And, as luck would have it, they have very similar personalities.

For instance, they love people, and they especially love “their people.” That is to say, if you are one of their peeps, they will let you know by purring when you are around them. What’s more, they will want to be as close as humanly (feline-ly?) possible to you, regardless of what you are doing. And when you are sleeping, they’ll want to be right there with you, snuggled up warm and tight.

That’s not to say they can’t subsist on their own. They can. They are both very playful kittens and are quite content to play with toys or with each other. And if there is a sink with running water, that’s a bonus!

They do get along great with other cats, and have been around many dogs. And although they would love to be adopted together, they can each be adopted separately. That said, if they are adopted together, the adoption rate will be reduced.

Please keep these sweet, precious, adorable kitties in mind if you or anyone you know are looking for a four-legged friend (or two) to add to the family. Anyone would be lucky to add Olivia and/or Joseph to their home.

For more information and to arrange a time to meet them, please contact Fur-Ever Home Rescue.

About Fur Ever Home Rescue

Fur Ever Home Rescue focuses on advocating and rescuing dogs and cats  with urgent medical needs or behavior cases – animals that needed a little more effort than the majority. By staying true to that vision, they have grown over the last three years, saving many lives of at-risk animals. For more information about Fur Ever Home Rescue, please visit http://www.fureverhomerescue.com/

About Pause 4 Paws

Pause 4 Paws raises funds for 18 animal rescue organizations that have little time to raise money on their own because they are in the trenches doing the difficult work, day and night. The focus of Pause 4 Paws is to help these organizations with their life-saving efforts. The individuals who work for the 18 organizations that Pause 4 Paws financially supports are tireless in their efforts to rescue animals by providing medical care and finding forever homes for dogs and cats in need. In 2012, these 18 organizations rescued over 5,500 dogs and cats, and they vaccinated, spayed and neutered an additional 5,300. That is almost 11,000 animals! For more information, please visit the Pause 4 Paws website

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