These Are The "Grossest Foods In Every State, That People Actually Love"

Map of United States full of fruits and vegetables (tomato , apple, orange , eggplant, cabbage, cucumber , broccoli, grapes, arugula, banana, peppers, squash , celery, green onions , beets, strawberries, watermelon, carrot). Green background.

It's no secret that tastes throughout the United States can be regionalized. That said, this list highlights some of the foods that sound absolutely disgusting but the people in its home state really enjoy it!

Here are a few of the "Grossest Foods in Each State (That People Actually Like)"...

MINNESOTA: The Pickle Dog"The state only gets approximately three weeks of decent weather after its hellish winter. So when the tundra thaws out, these people want to go [crazy]. And they do it at their notorious state fair, where the most aggressively disagreeable delicacy is probably the pickle dog. This is not a hot dog with a pickle on it. This is a lone dill pickle covered in loose, messy sauerkraut, drenched in Thousand Island dressing, and wrapped in a thick-cut slice of roast beef. It's honestly like you lost a bet and had to eat a sandwich made of the weirdest combo of food your (ex-) friend could find in your fridge. It's not pretty. But hey, it's summertime in Minnesota. It doesn't last, and sometimes you need to grab life by the pickle and take some risks."

WISCONSIN: Butter BurgerLet me just first say, this is a travesty! Butter Burgers are delicious...okay now the write up..."Let's just get this out of the way: A butter burger absolutely does not taste BAD. How could it with that name? But in a state perhaps best known for its dairy-related excesses, shouldn't there be some kind of limit? There's definitely a moment when you're digging into a traditional butter burger at Solly's when you notice melted butter slowly pooling on the plate below you and pause to question every life decision that's led you to that point. You don't pause long enough to stop eating the burger, because it's covered in butter. But you're still a bit grossed out."

The rest of the list has some doozies, on it...CLICK HERE to see the full 50 States List over at Thrillist.

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