Greenway: "If I Do Play, I'm Going To Play In Minnesota

Minnesota Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway joined THE voice of the Minnesota Vikings, Paul Allen himself, to discuss his future in the NFL and with the Vikings, next year's Super Bowl in Minneapolis and Sunday's Super Bowl between the Patriots and Falcons.

Greenway, when asked where he was at with his potential decision to retire said simply that he was enjoying his time off from the game but still needed to have conversations with some people before making his decision. As to where the linebacker would play if he did return, Greenway made it very easy.

"If I do play [ next year], I'm going to play in Minnesota, it's that simple" Greenway said. "And if I'm not playing, I'm not playing, that's the other option."

Greenway provided no time-frame as to when his decision would be made, but it did sound like his decision would be made sooner rather than later.

You can hear PA's complete interview with the Vikings linebacker below.

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