Falcons Fans Are Losing Their Mind on Twitter Because It Kind Looks Like James White Was Short Of The Goal Line

It's tough to be a gracious loser no matter what, let alone accepting the reality that your team just blew a 25-point lead in the Super Bowl after a magical season. But a ground-swell of Falcons fans online are bitter and taking their sadness to soaring heights (see what I did there? Falcons, soaring heights...ughhh).

And they might have a little bit of a case here. Check out the videos and screenshots below which make it kind of look like Patriots running back James White was down just short of the goal line on the final, game-winning play in overtime.

Yeah, it kind looks like he was down short of the goal line...

Still, does it really matter? Had he been short it would have set up a 3rd and inches for the Pats and the Falcons hadn't been able to stop Brady and New England for about two hours straight in the second half.

Oh well, there's always next year...

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