NEW STAR WARS THEORY! Is Mace Windu Actually Supreme Leader Snoke?!?

There's another new STAR WARS THEORY and you all know where to come when you want the latest Star Wars news!!! Too bad for you all, Abbott's office was closed...

Have no fear, I'll outline it here for you with the knowledge that (for now) Abbott approves the validity of this theory!

While most of the world is debating the true identity of Rey's parents, true Star Wars fans are diving deeper. That's why Chad stumbled upon this one last week that ties the mysterious identity of Supreme Leader Snoke to a formerly familiar face to the Star Wars Saga.

It's time to explain how Mace Windu might actually be Supreme Leader Snoke!

Now I'll outline some of the bullet points to give you a quick cliff notes version of the theory, but I encourage you all to check out the video below for the full breakdown.

  1. Mace Windu Might Still Be Alive
    We've already seen Jedi's survive long falls, Force Lightning and getting their hands chopped off.

  2. Force Lightning Caused Face Disfigurement
    We saw the Force Lightning change the physical appearance of Palpatine, that could explain why the Snoke we saw in Ep. VII sort of looked like an aged alien.

  3. The Timeline Seems To Fit
    We know Snoke said that he "witnessed" the rise and fall of the Galactic Empire

  4. Darkside Tendencies
    Windu's signature purple lightsaber shows that there might be some straddling of the line between the light side (blue sabers) and the dark side (red sabers)...Blue + Red = Purple!

  5. Motive For Revenge
    Windu was basically betrayed by Anakin, so that could have churned some of the anger inside of him and we all know what happens when you allow the anger to build...

To check out the full theory, watch the video below...

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