PHOTO: Check Out Chad Abbott's Sweet New Back Tattoo!

I'm sure you've heard a story or two about our boss Chad Abbott. It's safe to say that with this new resurgence of Star Wars movies, the force inside of him has been awakened and his love for Star Wars has been shining through and through.

Well, a few weeks back he made the ultimate dive and got a Tattoo to highlight his devotion to as he puts it "the best movie franchise of all time, hands down, bar none". That's right, Chad got a Star Wars tattoo and the other day he showed it to us.

It's actually quite impressive, check it out. Here it is under what we call "white light"...

Now this is the freaking kicker. Apparently you pay a little upcharge and the tattoo artist can swap out the normal ink for black light ink to "light your saber" if you know what I mean! Check it out under the black light!

It wouldn't be my first choice for a first tattoo but I do give him credit as it is kinda sweet.

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