Pokemon Go Got A HUGE Update Today...Will It Be Enough To Pull You Back In?

Admittedly, I used to be really into Pokemon Go. When it first dropped last summer I thought it was the coolest thing. Me and my buddy would walk around our sleep little town catching rare Pokemon till the wee hours of the morning. I even got pulled over by the cops once cuz I was hurrying on my way to catch a Charizard! 

Judge however you want, I don't care. 

But alas, it was the State Fair 2016 when I jumped off board. The game was simply repetitive, there was nothing new and I didn't have the drive alone to "catch them all" when the GPS locating made that tough to do.

However, Pokemon Go just got it's biggest update to date. For some of you, it's the update that you've been waiting for!

Starting today, 80 new "generation two" Pokemon have been added to the game to supplement the baby pokemon added a few months ago and the original batch that dropped at launch.

Here's a look...

There's also some new berries and junk, none of it is enough to pull me back in but if you're interested CLICK HERE for the full read up...

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