This week, we introduce you to Willy, a 10-year-old Jack Russell Terrier who is currently in foster care through B.A.R.K.


Sadly, he was left unclaimed at a local impound for over a month. When B.A.R.K. got him, he was dirty and desperate for attention, but now he is cleaned up and ready for a new home.

And don’t let his age fool you. Willy is 15-pounds of energy, and loves to go on daily walks. In fact, he does quite well on a leash.


But, what he loves more than his daily walks is snuggling with his people. And if snuggling is out of the question, he’ll gladly follow his peeps around. Be warned though: he doesn’t like to be second fiddle. If you ignore him while petting or playing with another dog, he will shove his nose in the way, climb into your lap, or pull/nip at your shoe laces until you acknowledge him!

That’s not to say that he commands all of the attention. He’ll gladly share you with other dogs, as long as you don’t forget he’s there, too.

And speaking of other dogs, he does very well with them but can’t go to a home that already has small dogs. He thinks they are stuffed animals and we know that wouldn’t end well.


Willy is also a little too interested in cats, rabbits and chickens, so a home without any “prey” animals would be best for him.

He is neutered, up to date on vaccines, heartworm tested, dewormed, and given monthly preventatives. He does have a a grade 1 heart murmur, but it does not stop him or affect his ability to run, play, or socialize.

Please keep Willy in mind if you or anyone you know are looking to add a super cute, super cuddly, and super fun dog to the family. In return for your love and comfort, he will provide countless snuggles and endless loyalty.

Willy 1

Please contact B.A.R.K. to learn more about this gem of a dog and to arrange a time to meet him.


About B.A.R.K.

B.A.R.K. stands for Being Advocates for Rescued K-9s. They care for and re-home dogs in need. The majority of their dogs come from overcrowded shelters where they were in danger of being euthanized. They are an all-breed rescue and will accept dogs of any breed into foster care as long as they have a willing and open home available! They are true advocates for the dogs they rescue by:

  • believing that saving one life at a time makes a difference.
  • improving the quality of life for the rescued dogs by providing safe, loving, and knowledgeable foster homes.
  • believing that supportive relationships with shelters, rescue groups, veterinarians, and adoptive families are a priority for the well being of all dogs.
  • taking pride in taking the time to work with each dog’s unique personalities and behaviors to ensure that their next home is the “forever home.”


About Pause 4 Paws

Pause 4 Paws raises funds for 18 animal rescue organizations that have little time to raise money on their own because they are in the trenches doing the difficult work, day and night. The focus of Pause 4 Paws is to help these organizations with their life-saving efforts. The individuals who work for the 18 organizations that Pause 4 Paws financially supports are tireless in their efforts to rescue animals by providing medical care and finding forever homes for dogs and cats in need. In 2012, these 18 organizations rescued over 5,500 dogs and cats, and they vaccinated, spayed and neutered an additional 5,300. That is almost 11,000 animals! For more information, please visit the Pause 4 Paws website.

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