Clemson Football Players Pranked Teammates By Feeding Them Sour Patch Kids In Their Sleep

The Clemson Tigers football team is riding high after their National Championship game victory over the Alabama Crimson Tide and that has allowed them to have a little fun in their downtime. Even if it's not the most normal form of 'fun.'

Ben Boulware, linebacker for the Tigers, posted a video to his social media accounts of how he and his teammates have fun during long bus rides and, I must admit, this video is hilarious!

Boulware and some of his teammates prank their sleeping teammates by feeding Sour Patch Kids into their open mouths. Some of the players even begin eating the candy in their sleep.

I'm surprised that none of the players woke up during this but I'll admit, I'm glad they didn't. It makes for an odd source of humor.

Check out the video below and you'll see what I mean.

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