Minnesota Vikings have different issues to solve at WR heading into free agency

The Minnesota Vikings’ potential to look into free agency at wide receiver will likely depend heavily on two things – do they re-sign Cordarrelle Patterson and how much confidence do the Vikings have in 2016 first-round pick Laquon Treadwell and veteran Jarius Wright?

Patterson is likely going to get offered significant money – something in the neighborhood of four years, $25-30 million. It seems that it is the going rate for wide receivers in a pass-heavy world and, given Patterson’s dual role as a decent receiver and an electric return man, he may be in line for big money, but likely not from the Vikings.

Treadwell caught just one pass in his rookie season, but, as a frustrated Treadwell said many times during the 2016 season when approached by the Vikings beat writers, he wasn’t getting opportunities to make plays. You can’t catch passes when you’re not on the field and not targeted when you are. If he makes the jump many rookies do in their second season, the Vikings will have three legitimate wide receivers in Stefon Diggs, Adam Thielen and Treadwell.

Wright is in a very similar situation. A consistent performer early in his career, he was inactive for seven games last season and was active in two others but didn’t play. At his current $4.26 million salary, those two paradigms don’t mesh...

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