Is This Foul On The Celtics' Marcus Smart The Worst Call Of The Season?

It's only one game but the foul call was a big one.

The Boston Celtics were in Chicago Thursday night to take on the Bulls and were clinging to a 103-102 lead with just seconds remaining, but the Bulls had the ball.

Jimmy Butler waited patiently for a few extra seconds to expire before making his move. He drove at Boston's Marcus Smart, spun and launched a fade-away jumper as the buzzer expired. The ball hit the rim and fell short but a late whistle came and deemed that Smart had made contact with Butler that altered the shot, sending Butler to the line for two free-throws. He calmly knocked them down and sent the Bulls home with a 104-103 victory. The Celtics were obviously not happy.

Many Boston players complained about the call after the game saying it was the "worst call ever" and that a foul should have never been called.

Personally, I think it was a terrible call and how the referee even made such a baffling call is beyond me, but what do you think? 

Check out the video of the 'foul' below and let us know your thoughts on the call.

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