RUTHLESS! Dude Gets An Apology Letter From His Ex-GF, He Graded It (Poorly) And Sent It Back!

Most of you out there have been dumped in some way or another but usually we get to grovel in our misery and eventually get over the relationship an move on. Most of don't get the type of satisfaction and retaliation that this guy Nick did.

Nick got dumped a while back but his ex decided she wanted him back, badly that she wrote a 3.5 page apology letter asking for his interest back. Sadly, hilariously, Nick did not oblige...

Below is a copy of the letter Nick's ex wrote him. See those red scribbles? Those are marks, edits if you will because Nick graded her letter as if he were her high school english teacher. Better yet, at the end of the letter, HE GRADED IT and GAVE IT A 61/100, that's a D-!!!


Check this out...

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