Pre-Spring Training Playoff Percentages Have Been Determined And The Twins Chances Don't Look Good

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The last few seasons have been rough for the Minnesota Twins. Admittedly, that is putting things gently. If I were being honest I would say that, aside from a surprising though ultimately unsuccessful run in 2015, the last five seasons have been truly brutal.

The Twins have suffered at least 90 losses in four of the last five seasons and have failed to make the playoffs since the 2010 season when they made an extremely brief appearance in the postseason before ultimately getting swept out of the first round by the dreaded and hated New York Yankees 3-0.

Admittedly Minnesota does boast a very young and talented roster, but they also have multiple questions on the pitching staff both in the rotation and in the bullpen which will hinder the team's success no matter how well their lineup performs. That being said, the expectations for the Twins to make the playoffs are quite low.

But it's a new season, so they should have a fair shot, right? Not so much.

According to Joel Reuter of Bleacher Report, the Twins have just a two percent chance of making the playoffs this upcoming season and are slated to be the second-worst team in the MLB ahead of only the San Diego Padres. Not exactly the confidence that this team is looking for or needs right now, but it's hard to argue with the logic when winning isn't exactly a common thing for Minnesota lately.

I would give Minnesota a better chance of making the playoffs given the flurry of talented, young hitters that their lineup will roll out each and every game, the (faint) potential of a patchwork starting rotation and the overall weak state of their division. A more fair percentage would be closer to 10 percent but that's provided that the Twins young hitters take the next step in their respective developments and do not dramatically regress.

Take a look below to see how Reuter predicts the AL Central Division playing out.

CLICK HERE to read Reuter's full article and to see his playoff chances and breakdowns for all teams.

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