Vikings Spielman Says Adrian Peterson's Future To Be Decided Before Free Agency Begins

Alexander Shun | @alexpshun

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It's the question that the entire Minnesota Vikings fanbase is eagerly awaiting the answer to: Will Adrian Peterson be a member of the Minnesota Vikings next season? After meeting with Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman for over an hour on Thursday morning, we still have no answer to such a question.

"The only thing I'll say about Adrian is that he has a significant contract coming up, we have to make a decision and when that decision is made I'll let you guys know," Spielman said. "Until I've talked to Adrian and talked to his agent, I'm not going to announce anything.

"But that will get addressed before free agency starts," Spielman quickly added, providing a time-frame at least for such a decision.

The Vikings GM said that he has not yet spoken with Peterson or his agent and gave no time-frame as to when that would happen.

It has been well covered that Peterson is due $18 million next season and such a number would make the 32-year old back the highest-paid running back in the NFL. And by quite a large margin; almost $10 million. 

Minnesota has multiple avenues they can take regarding Peterson and his contract including releasing him, trading him or restructuring his contract however, even after meeting with Spielman, there is still no clear answer to what route they will take. 

Spielman added that, despite whether or not Peterson was on the roster next year, Spielman would always consider the future Hall-of-Famer a Minnesota Viking.

"If we don't exercise [our team] option, we'll always keep the door open for all of our players," Spielman said, potentially inferring the opportunity for a non-player role with the organization. "In my mind, regardless of whether Adrian is here or not here next year because of whatever happens, he'll always be a Minnesota Viking. And if he's fortunate enough to go to the Hall-of-Fame and fortunate enough to go to the Ring of Honor, in my mind, he's a Minnesota Viking."

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