Will Sam Bradford Receive A Contract Extension With The Vikings?

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Sam Bradford was traded to the Minnesota Vikings just eight days before the start of the regular season and was named the starter entering week two of the season. Helping to lead Minnesota to a 5-0 start and an 8-8 record, Bradford put together a solid individual season statistically and earned the right to compete for the starting quarterback position next season.

General Manager Rick Spielman recognized Bradford's accomplishments, made even more impressive by the quickness in which he had to learn the offense and the shakiness of the team's offensive line.

"I can’t tell you how hard it is for him to accomplish what he was able to accomplish with everything that he had to deal with," Spielman said. "To ever say that guy was not tough in the some of the shots that he had to take – but a lot of quarterbacks will take shots in this league – for him to get up like that and to get out there and keep firing the ball around the field was incredible."

Bradford was brought in after after Teddy Bridgewater suffered a torn ACL and dislocated knee, one of the more severe and gruesome knee injuries in recent memory. The severity of Bridgewater's injury has caused many to wonder if Bridgewater will be healthy to play at all during the 2017 season and others to wonder if he'll ever play again.

While Bridgewater's status will be determined as he continues to rehab, the real question now lies with Bradford.

With just one year remaining on his current contract and uncertainty regarding Bridgewater's health, the question of whether or not to reward Bradford with a long-term extension has now arisen.

When such a question was posed to Spielman, the Vikings GM gave a roundabout answer.

"I can tell you that looking back on that trade with all the other options that I would do that over in a mina-second to get a Sam Bradford on our football team with the circumstance that we were dealing with because I think that he’s a chance to be a pretty good player and quarterback in this league," Spielman said. "I think he’s just right now in the prime of his career."

When pressed further, Spielman said, "Everything is in flux right now so I'll just leave it at that."

Spielman did list Bradford when naming "significant players" that were due for a contract soon, but did not specifically state any intent to extend Bradford beyond this season.

From listening to Spielman speak Thursday one would get the feeling that the team wants to extend Bradford but is waiting to see how Bridgewater progresses with his rehab. 

The Vikings have until May to pick up the fifth-year option on Bridgewater's contract and, whether they pick up the option or not, that should provide at least a little clarity as to what they want to do with Bradford.

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