Warriors' Draymond Green Takes Trash Talk To New Level For Paul Pierce

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green can't seem to stay out of the headlines. Sometimes that is due to his great overall play on the court and other times it is because of his antics. Thursday night was the latter.

Less than one minute into the game against the Los Angeles Clippers, Green began trash-talking veteran forward Paul Pierce, and let's just say it wasn't the nicest trash-talk.

"You're chasing that farewell tour, they don't love you like that," Green can be heard saying. "You can't get no farewell tour, they don't love you like that...You thought you was Kobe?"

While this is sure to be Pierce's last season in the NBA, surely there was no need to point out that Pierce is nowhere near the level that Kobe was. That's cold Draymond, ice cold.

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