Chrissy Teigen Missed The Oscars Screw Up Because She Was Sleeping...No Really, She Was Asleep!!

Following what is easily the biggest screw up in the history of the Oscars Twitter was a godsend. Hilarious witty quips, funny reactions and all out shock took over the 140 character Interwebs and all of us got to play along from the comfort of our homes.

But as she is wont to do, Chrissy Teigen might have won the Internet that night and it went largely unnoticed until now.

Chrissy dropped the tweet below and everyone took it to be sarcastic.

But with a little internet research, people started noticing that she wasn't lying, SHE WAS REALLY SLEEPING at the end of the show!

Take note Oscars, this is what happens when your show runs for THREE HOURS AND FORTY-NINE MINUTES!!! GO TO BED!

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