After The Vikings/Colts Coin Flip, Here Are Minnesota's Picks For The 2017 Draft

Alexander Shun | @alexpshun

Digital Content Manager |

With the flip of a coin in Indianapolis Friday morning, the Minnesota Vikings received their fate for the 2017 NFL Draft in April.

Having no first round selection due to the trade with the Philadelphia Eagles for quarterback Sam Bradford, the Vikings were admittedly hoping for a loss with the coin flip. As the Vikings' luck would have it, they won the coin flip and earned the 14th choice in the draft - which the Eagles receive in exchange for Bradford. That means the Vikings first selection will not come until the second round. 

Because of the tie between Indianapolis, Minnesota and Baltimore, the team that won would get the higher pick in the first round and the team that lost would get the higher pick in the second round because the teams flip positions in the second round. Hence why the Vikings wanted to lose.

Minnesota currently has eight picks in the Draft and they are all listed below.

Second round: 48th overall

Third round: 79th overall, 86th overall (from Dolphins)

Fourth round: 121st overall, 129th overall (from Dolphins)

Fifth round: 160th overall

Sixth round: 199th overall

Seventh round: 232nd overall

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