This Has To Be The Worst Call Of The NCAA Tournament So Far!

Bad calls from referees are going to happen at seemingly any sporting event, that's to be expected. The NCAA Tournament is no exception. But how the refs missed this call I'll never understand.

With less than one minute to go and North Carolina leading Arkansas by a point, UNC's Joel Berry II tried to drive to the lane but was impeded by Arkansas's Adrio Bailey. Berry fired up a shot that missed but was tipped in by UNC's Kennedy Meeks.

Fans on social media were irate.

Take a look at the video below and you'll see why.

Not only did Berry travel - he took at least four or five steps - but he then ran through an already set Bailey (though admittedly a blocking foul could have been called as well). The whole sequence was crazy and quite shocking considering there wasn't a single whistle blown.

The bucket put UNC up three and sent the Tar Heels on to victory.

They could have called a travel. They could have called a charge. They could have called a blocking foul. They SHOULD have called something!

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