Canucks Rookie Brock Boeser Says "You Know" 45 Times In A 3-Minute Interview. This Is Ridiculous!

Oh how entertaining postgame hockey interviews can be. In the case of Vancouver Canucks rookie Brock Boeser, it was made entertaining by his inability to stop saying the phrase, "you know."

We really should cut Boeser some slack. After all, it has been a crazy couple of days for the 20-year old rookie.

He was playing for the University of North Dakota in their final game of the season on Friday, and returned to campus immediately following the team's double overtime loss. He signed an entry-level deal with the Canucks early Saturday morning, before flying out to meet the team in his home state of Minnesota where he was in the lineup for his first-ever NHL game that night - a game in which he scored his first career NHL goal. And it was the game-winning goal too!

With such an awesome weekend for Boeser, surely it's okay to have some laughs at the rookie's expense.

Check out the video below. And if you have trouble keeping count of his "you know"'s then just follow the counter at the bottom of the video.

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