This 57.7 Billion Pixel Image Has A Bentley Hidden Somewhere Within It. Can You Find It?

The image above is pretty spectacular for a number of reasons. First because it's a 57.7 billion pixel image which is absolutely unheard of, but also because there's a Bentley 'hidden' within the image somewhere.

With the image driving the Internet crazy, we thought we'd share in the madness.

Admittedly it took me almost 15 minutes of searching and I still couldn't find the car. It's a crystal clear image but I wasn't able to find the Bentley.

Were you able to find it? If not, have no fear, most people haven't. But thankfully we have the answer as to where it is. If you give up, take a look at the images below and see where it lies.

Upon further! I wouldn't have distinguished that at all.

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