This Is The High Sticking That Took The Wild's Zach Parise Out Of The Game. Was It A Dirty Play?

When Minnesota Wild winger Zach Parise went down Tuesday night against the Washington Capitals, it was because a high stick caught him square in the face. That high stick was in the hands of Washington's Tom Wilson, who eventually got into a fight with Minnesota's Chris Stewart who was coming to the defense of his team's winger.

There was no immediate word on Parise's injury after the game and speaking Wednesday morning Wild Head Coach Bruce Boudreau said that Parise was getting tests done and they would know more in time.

"We don't know results, he's getting a couple things done, CAT scans, and we'll know later today," Boudreau said, speaking with KFAN's Paul Allen. "We know his eye is OK, but we don't know if there's other damage around it."

An admittedly scary thought particularly for the health of Parise. It's a game first and never do you want to see a player go down with a serious injury, that's most important, but there's also the possibility of Parise missing serious time and how that could not only affect Minnesota heading into the playoffs but in the playoffs as well. 

You can check out Wilson's high stick below.

Was it a dirty play by Wilson or simply an accident that caught Parise? Let us know in the comments.

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