Fan Theories That Will Forever Change The Way You Look At Movies - "FIELD OF DREAMS"

Continuing our series of fan theory posts that will blow your mind, we take a dive into the realm of sports movies with one of the best, Field of Dreams...

MOVIE OF THE DAY: Field of Dreams

THEORY - "Terence Mann was dead the whole time."

The 1989 classic starred Kevin Costner as Ray Kinsella, a farmer who hears voices and has visions that inspire him to turn his cornfield into a baseball diamond and summon the ghosts of Chicago White Sox past. Terence Mann (James Earl Jones), a reclusive author whose books are being banned by the local schools, had an unfulfilled ambition to play baseball and is invited to join in on the supernatural fielding fun. He ultimately joins the once-banned pro players in their final exit through the cornfield, at which point he's presumed to die—but what if he was just a spirit with unfinished business like the rest?

Now there's not a whole lot of what we would call substance to this theory but it would certainly change the way that you look at this film if he were in fact a spirit. 

We already know that Kevin Costner's character Ray Kinsella sees ghosts. At the end of the film he sees his father and the other old players, he saw Moonlight Graham earlier in the film and he has conversations with all of them. That said, the thought that he could have coherent conversations and interactions with a ghost of Mann isn't outside the realm of possibility.

Next let's discuss the assumed "death" of Terence Mann. He walks off into the cornfields with the other ghosts as if his business here on earth is done. Well why could Terence go but Ray couldn't? Outside of his family and such. He might be able to make it workout IF HE WERE A GHOST JUST LIKE SHOELESS JOE!!!

What do you think? Too thin to be true?

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