Fan Theories That Will Forever Change The Way You Look At Movies - "The Dark Knight"

Today marks day number one in a new series we're going to kick off a new series of posts that will carry us through the week with a couple posts a day because I am fascinated. It's fan theories like these that make me LOVE the Internet. My brain doesn't work this way on it's own, but you could say that these Reddit posters are my spirit animals because I'm all in on most of these. 

Like I said, we'll cover one a day freshly loaded with the theory and a common man's reaction to the post. So here we go...

MOVIE OF THE DAY: The Dark Knight

THEORY - "Heath Ledger's Joker is an Iraq war veteran"

It explains his facial scarring and his tortured psyche, plus his ability to put tactical plans into operation and his familiarity with explosives and firearms. What's more, he mentions his disgust at people's lack of attention for "a truckload of soldiers" getting blown up in one conversation with Harvey Dent.

I could buy into this one and it really sheds a little light into the psyche of the Joker which some would say is aloof in and of itself. 

It explains his mental state, it explains his military and explosive prowess and some of the comments highlighted above.

But let's poke a hole in the theory now, primarily the facial scarring piece of it. Now it could have been a ruse, but didn't The Joker cover the origin of his scars in his whole "Why So Serious" rant in The Dark Knight? Daddy got drunk, stabbed mom and cut up his son a little bit right? We have no reason to not believe that story, but it's part of the film. 

Now that doesn't ruin the theory, just that portion of the theory and the idea that he's just crazy and could be making anything up at any given time.

Stay tuned for more crazy movie theories to come ...

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