Fan Theories That Will Forever Change The Way You Look At Movies - "E.T. Is a Jedi"

Yesterday we kicked off a sweet new series of "Fan Theories" about movies that we all know and love. Well, it only took that one day for Chad Abbott to step in and forcibly kindly ask that I cover a few of the most controversial and most hard nosed movie theories of all...we'll call them "The Star Wars Theories"...

Thankfully, this one even comes with a bit of an infographic to showcase some of the evidence...

I could buy this as be a bit of an ancillary truth. Two big time directors throwing nods each others way as a bit of respect for the other, but I don't really know how it would change either movie. 

So Yoda can lift an x-wing and E.T. can float a group of adolescent bikers, big deal. We are already acting under the assumption that E.T. has some sort of "powers", whether they are super powers or Jedi powers I don't think really matters.

Here's the hangup, even the oldest most feeble Jedi masters are sick kung fu light saber fighters. E.T. can barely wobble down the road on his own without tipping over.

So I don't think I'm buying this one, seems like it's only a bit of a tribute to me.

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...More to come...


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