Check This Out, Does The New Wolves Logo Rip Off Another Pro Sports Team Logo?!?

Well, the KAT's out of the bag with the new Timberwolves logo! See what I did there? Okay, dumb joke but whatever the Wolves unveiled their new logo tonight at Target Center to much fanfare and a cool halftime celebration.

I couldn't help but think that it looked a little familiar. There have been Wolves renditions of late that are similar (below), but that wasn't it.

It wasn't until a Twitter follower pointed it out to me that it clicked, it kind of looks like the Phoenix Coyotes logo and others are raising the same point. But it's only kind of, and I'm realizing the Timberwolves are WAY cooler looking than Coyotes!

In reality, maybe it's a meld of the Coyotes logo and the Wolves logo highlighted above. I mean, how different can a coyote logo and a wolf logo be after all. I could argue though that the most important part is what differentiates it from both is the new color scheme!

Midnight blue, Aurora Green, Frost White, Moonlight Grey and Lake Blue. Cheesy names but sweet colors that make me super excited to see the jerseys that will be unveiled later this year!

I don't care if it's similar, it's different enough and it's OUR new logo. And I freaking LOVE it!


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