Here's Your Chance to Sign The Portillo's Petition to "Let Portillo's Bring Us the Hot Dogs We Deserve!"

Fairly or unfairly, Dan has been taking a little bit of heat for his initial comments way back when the Portillo's plan for Maple Grove was originally announced. After the Maple Grove City Council voted down the plan to bring the Chicago Style Beef restaurant to the NW suburbs rubes came out in droves point the finger at our guy...Well, now's your chance to alter history!

A petition has been put forth to urge the City Council to reconsider before officially voting the restaurant plan down once and for all on April 17th.

Titled "Petition to City Council: Let Portillo's Bring Us the Hot Dogs We Deserve", the petition lays out the voice of the people...the people that want delicious Chicago style food available at Arbor Lakes.

So, what say you? Are you game enough to sign the petition?

CLICK HERE to sign the petition now...

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