NHL Playoff Power Rankings: Where Do The Minnesota Wild Fall?

Alexander Shun | @alexpshun

Digital Content Manager | KFAN.com

It's time for the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs to begin and with the beginning of the Playoffs comes a ton of different power rankings from various writers and news outlets that hope to tell you which teams are the 'hottest' and which teams are limping into the postseason.

The problem with power rankings is the inconsistencies. A team could be the top-ranked team according to one outlet and the 10th according to another.

Nonetheless, I gathered a small collection of Playoff power rankings and assembled them here so that Minnesota Wild fans everywhere can see where their team falls heading into the first round match-up with the St. Louis Blues.

Check them out below.

ESPN.com - 6th

CBSSports.com - 9th

FanSided - 4th

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