Do The Vikings NEED To Pick a New “Face Of The Franchise”?

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It’s been quite the interesting three year period for the Minnesota Vikings. In a relatively short period of time, the Vikings have stolen headlines from the bigger markets for both positive and negative reasons largely changing both the makeup and the direction of the franchise.

Surrounding the team you have beautiful billion dollar stadium that has worked through the kinks of one year in play now. There’s a new team headquarters under construction across town that will open a bunch of new doors into the future.

On the field, as always there’s been quite a bit of turnover that is where much of the attention will be placed going forward. Within that three year time span you have a new head coach who will seemingly be leading a team devoid of a franchise player. The mix of moving away from the former face of the franchise, Adrian Peterson, had left the door open for Teddy Bridgewater to step in and fill that role. But a devastating injury popped up for Teddy putting not only his role as the face of the franchise but his entire NFL career in jeopardy going forward. Mix that in with a handful of rather nondescript draft classes and the Vikings are facing an identity crisis of sorts.

That said, it’s an interesting identity crisis. 

Look around the league and you’ll see most every team hitching their wagons to one particular player either willingly or forcibly dubbing them the “face” of the franchise for that team. As the franchise face, they accept a role of leadership, public involvement and (hopefully) on field success. Understandably, with those roles in the mix, there is some pressure on the Vikings to replace Bridgewater who replaced Peterson as the face of the franchise for the Minnesota Vikings. But who could it be?

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