Steve Stephens, "The Facebook Killer" Was Apprehended Because of French Fries!

A truly fascinating end to a horrific national nightmare erupted earlier this week. Dubbed "The Facebook Killer", Steve Stephens murdered a man while streaming video live on Facebook this past weekend. A national manhunt ensued and ended Tuesday afternoon as Stephens was apprehended by police and took his own life.

But here's the fascinating part. Stephens was had because of a savvy drive thru worker at a McDonalds in Pennsylvania.

Get this.

Stephens rolled through the drive thru of McDs in Erie, PA to order what is hands down the best build your own value meal, a 20-piece McNugget and Fries. After being recognized by the drive thru worker, the astute manager and employee delayed Stephens by telling him that it would be another minute for his fries to finish cooking. Meanwhile, they were on the phone with cops. Stephens was handed his nuggets, pulled ahead to wait and shortly thereafter got wise and drove off. But the damage had been done and it was enough time for the local police to get near and tail him leading to his death. 

Listen to the McDonald's manager recount the situation...

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