I just ran the Vikings through 7 rds of the FanSpeak.com 2017 Draft Simulator & you'll never guess who fell to #48!!!

It's cool and all to see "the experts" throw out their own mock drafts through out the month leading up to the NFL Draft. Wanna know what's even more fun than that? Setting up the table and doing a virtual mock draft yourself.

Thanks to the good people over at FanSpeak.com, you can plug in some of the player rankings from around the web and hold your very own seven round mock draft!

So I did just that, for our Minnesota Vikings and the results were enticing!

For the record, I input the CBS Sports player rankings and Walter Football position needs into the machine and then picked best player of need available at that point in time. This obviously doesn't factor in any trades that haven't happened yet, which there will be plenty. But for a straight up draft as is, this is what I ended up with for the Vikings.

So, according to this mock controversial running back Joe Mixon falls to the Vikings at pick #48. Obviously some baggage there but arguably the best RB in the draft. Following that you'll see a lean towards offense as need are addressed on the offensive line and receiving corps before picking up a safety in Justin Evans to possibly play next to Harrison Smith.

The whole thing is pretty fun and you can do it on your own with any adjustments or changes that you might make along the way. 

CLICK HERE to run your own 2017 NFL Draft simulator for your favorite team.

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