Heart wrenching video shows good Samaritans save two babies from overturned vehicle in Texas floods

I want to start off by sharing the happy ending that this story has because even with that knowledge the following video is very difficult to watch. Both babies are alive, breathing on their own and expected to make a full recovery.

Sunday night as terrible weather swept through Texas flood waters overturned a truck with two babies strapped into the back seat. As the scene unfolded good Samaritans jumped into action forcing their way into the vehicle to bring out the trapped infant and toddler. Both were in rough shape, one of which was not breathing when removed. Someone on site performed CPR and was able to get the infant breathing again. 

Warning, this video is a hard watch but a miracle unfolding before your eyes.

This story does have a happy ending and the parents were soon able to meet the strangers that rescued their babies.

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