HEAVE CRY ALERT: Seven siblings stuck in the Georgia adoption system are now adopted...all together!

How's this for your "heave cry" of the day? A family of seven siblings stuck in the adoption system in the state of Georgia were just adopted...all of them to the same family.

Here's the story...

It all started when Jessaka Clark and her husband, Josh, decided they wanted to adopt 2 years ago.

They learned about their super seven in April 2016 and told Channel 2’s Kimberly Richardson they immediately started the process to bring them home.

“They moved in with us on Aug. 5 and have been waiting every day for our court date to finalize,” Jessaka Clark said.

That day finally arrived on May 9.

On the way to the courthouse to finalize adoption, Josh Clark posted an adorable video on his Facebook page, showing the excitement the entire family was feeling.

Here's a photo of this newly formed family...and you can CLICK HERE to see their cute video...

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