WATCH: This OTAs back-and-forth between Laquon Treadwell and Xavier Rhodes has turned into MUST SEE TV!!

Maybe you read about it on or heard us talking about it on The Power Trip Morning Show and the Paul Allen Project, but there is a little back and forth going on right now at Vikings OTAs and it's turned into MUST SEE TV!

The Vikings have this sweet hi-def slow mo rig they've been using and through the team's first three OTAs we've seen Teddy throwing and now this battle developing between Xavier Rhodes and Laquon Treadwell is stealing all of the headlines. 

Look back to Wednesday as Sam Bradford connected with Treadwell for a 50+ yard bomb in which Laquon went up and over Xavier Rhodes to get...

Now fast forward to today, Thursday, and see Xavier get his revenge as the team moves into red zone drills...

For one, I'd be okay with this little practice battle continuing throughout the season. Both players will be better for it!

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