DIY Deck Building with Aj Mansour & Highway 55 Rental! [VIDEOS]

Over the past few weeks I had the opportunity to join up with my new friends over at Highway 55 Rental (Medina, MN) and to work on a full do it yourself Deck, Patio and Landscaping project. But there was a problem...a rather large one. I've never built a deck, I don't have any tools and I'm not exactly what you would call "handy" around the house.

No worries though because the gang at Highway 55 Rental hooked me up with all the tools I needed to complete this job. I'm talking saws, sod cutters and Bobcats, seriously everything that we needed to get from start to finish. 

Then, the only experienced member of the deck building team (Mike) showed us what we needed to be doing and we filmed the whole thing so that Mike and our team could be your guides on your own home project! You can check out the videos below and if you need to get the gear for you large or small projects, CLICK HERE to get in touch with my guys at Highway 55 Rental.

Here's a list of the specific videos:

And there's more videos coming! Our Patio & Landscaping clips will be coming soon with the help of the Landscaping Division of Olio Group!

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