Without football which Vikings player would be most likely to go pro in Golf? Professional Wrestling? Jai Alai?

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Yesterday I spent the entire I spent the entire afternoon on a golf course...for work...and it was awesome! The cause was the annual Minnesota Vikings charity golf tournament held for the second straight year at the Meadows golf course at Mystic Lake. My assignment on site was to capture video of some of the players terrible golf swings for posting to KFAN.com. While there were a handful of pretty bad ones, I’m looking at you Griffen & Murray, I was surprised at how many of the players actually had decent cuts. For instance, Mike Remmers, Terence Newman and Kyle Rudolph are all pretty good golfers. But one player stood out above the rest of the crew. I’m pretty convinced that wide receiver Adam Thielen could be pretty competitive on the actual circuit if he had devoted himself to golf rather than football. If you haven’t already, take a look at his swing in the video below.

Now, we might not be talking PGA level skill here but in my non-expert opinion he’d have to be competitive on the local circuit. It was this thought that got me a bit curious, if the current rostered players of the Minnesota Vikings had not put their heart and soul into the game of football, who would be the most likely to take it to the professional level in other sports like golf, wrestling and basketball?

I would then go on to spend what would amount to way too much time hypothesizing this and below are the results that I landed on.

WR Adam Thielen

I mentioned some of the reasoning for this one above but what you may not know is that Thielen is a State Champion golfer from his days back in highschool with Detroit Lakes. It was a team title, but he surely had something to do with it. He’s got a smooth stroke, looks good doing it and makes guys like me embarrassed to even lace of my golf spikes.

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