Steven Avery's lawyer just dropped a 1,200 page document naming a new suspect in the murder of Teresa Halbach

It's been quite a while since our last update in the case of Teresa Halbach and the conviction of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey that swept the nation with the Netflix true crime drama Making a Murderer. Well, we got one yesterday and it's a biggen!

All along the way, Avery's lawyer has claimed to have a different suspect on the line that the police never investigated and maybe more importantly was never presented to the jury that convicted Avery of the murder. That suspect, an ex-boyfriend of Halbach's.

In her motion, Zellner tries to pin Halbach’s murder on an ex-boyfriend, claiming he had motive and opportunity and that he misled investigators about damage on Halbach’s vehicle.

Zellner tweeted that Avery’s jury “did not hear evidence” on the ex-boyfriend.

The claim says that her ex-boyfriend was abusive, lied to cops, misled cops and gave them a fake name along the way. She also claims that the boyfriend had wounds on his hands consistent with those that would come from fingernails during a struggle. 

WBAY ABC 2 reports that Zellner’s filing focuses on five key arguments:

1. Ineffective defense counsel
2. Ethical violations by the prosecutor
3. Brady violation
4. New evidence
5. Allowable claim

It's a pretty intriguing argument and it will be heard by the system although the justice department in the state of Wisconsin doesn't seem too worried. Another guy who's not too worried by the motion, Ken Kratz...

“I need to read the entire filing before I respond to specific allegations.

“However, Ms. Zellner must know that Brendan Dassey was convicted by a 12-person jury, based in part on his March 1, 2006 interview with law enforcement. For Ms. Zellner to allege that the prosecutor ‘knew the confession was fabricated’ is incredibly irresponsible, and frivolous. I understand she has launched 1200 pages of allegations to see if anything sticks–Ms. Zellner, in early 2016, promised test results that would ‘prove’ her client was wrongfully convicted—I suspect that, with science apparently now confirming Mr. Avery’s guilt, she has chosen to make whatever incendiary allegations she can to make headlines, with little regard for the Halbach family or the truth.”

CLICK HERE to read the full report...

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