BREAKING: Rep. Scalise shot in Virginia at congressional baseball practice

According to multiple reports, Rep. Steve Scalise and his aides were shot this morning in Virginia.

The shooting occurred at a Capitol Hill baseball team practice this morning as a shooter emerged from behind the third base dugout and opened fire with a semi-automatic. Representative Steve Scalise the majority whip, was near second base when he was shot in the hip. His aides and two Capitol Hill security agents were also shot but the total number of injured is unknown at the present moment.

Those on site said that prior to opening fire the gunman asked Rep. Ron DeSantis if the group on the field were Republicans or Democrats about three minutes later the shooting started.

According to authorities, the gunman was shot by security agents and was taken into custody. Most representatives do not have security detail, if Scalise had not been at the practice the security agents would likely have not been on site and most are saying that without them this could have been a "massacre". 

Shooting began about 7:15am and lasted for about ten minutes as somewhere between 30 & 50 shots rang out over that span of time.

This is a developing story, stay tuned to Twin Cities News Talk for updates throughout the day.

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