Join Cory Cove at the Holiday Store in Bloomington!

Join Cory Cove at the Holiday store Bloomington on Thursday, July 13, for a chance to win a Nintendo Switch! 

KFAN listeners can play online in the KFAN Pepsi Zero Cup, a Mario Kart Tournament, through the Nintendo Switch Counsel against each other and The Power Trip Morning Show!

The KFAN Pepsi ZERO Cup will kick off on Friday, July 14th at 9am and run through July 19th. Listeners will receive a KFAN code to get into the tournament. The listener that has the most points at the end of the tournament will get to come in and sit with The Power Trip Morning Show!

 Stock up on Pepsi Zero Sugar and all your favorite 20 ounce products by the makers of Pepsi GET ANY two for three dollars OR ANY three for four dollars at Holiday Stores today.

50 West 98th St., Bloomington, MN

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