PHOTOS: TCF Bank Unveils New "West Plaza" Food Offerings

Looking to repurpose some of the space on the West Plaza the good folks at TCF Bank Stadium have upped the ante with new food offerings from JAX Cafe, Ike's Downtown, Curds and Cakes and Pimento Jamaican cuisine!

It's one of my favorite parts of the job, but someone had to do it so I quickly raised my hand to head over to the stadium yesterday afternoon and try some of the new dishes out first hand.

Let me just say...HOLY SMOKES!

Bacon wrapped hotdogs, tater tot hot dish, Jamaican jerk chicken and pork, pot roast sandwiches and much more. That's just a few of the dishes we tested and ALL of them were amazing. With local twists with Surly Chesse Curds, Wild Rice soup and Sloppy Joes and then a few other options that brought the spice.

Check out the photos below and check out the new food offerings on the West Plaza of TCF Bank Stadium this season. 

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