Is Mike Zimmer about to play his starters in Game 4 of the Preseason?

It's the way that it goes each and every year. Starters play a series or two in Preseason week 1, gets extended a little bit for week 2 leading up to the first team playing the entire first half and maybe into the second half for the third game, then they rest for the fourth game as we can then deduce who the week one starters will be. 

Well, according to head coach Mike Zimmer, that might not be the case this tomorrow night for the final preseason game. Here's the coaches quote from his presser yesterday.

Asked if he was thinking of playing his starters tomorrow night coach replied saying,

"I’ve made up my mind but I haven’t told the team yet or anything like that. I haven’t told the coaches yet either. After the other night I feel like they should play but we’ll see."

Both the first team offense and the first team defense have struggle thus far through the preseason so both sides could probably use the work. But is it worth the risk? 

Imagine if Sam Bradford, behind this struggle offensive line, was sacked and injured for an extended period  of time. That pretty new stadium across town would be torn to the ground. 

More likely, this is a tactic by the coach. Keep the players guessing, make them dress for a game in which they usually wear sweats on the sideline, and make them warm up as if they are starting. Then, just before you have to submit the final starters, pull the rug out from underneath them and follow suit sending out your young players.

There's no way they can play them. That said, if anyone were to buck the trend, I'd put my money on Mike Zimmer being the guy to do so.

Just don't get hurt...

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