It's official, the Minnesota Twins are IN THE PLAYOFFS!

The Minnesota Twins didn't win Wednesday night in Cleveland, but they still pulled out the champagne and celebrate in the locker room. 

Thanks to a division rival, the Chicago White Sox, the Minnesota Twins are dancing and on to a one game playoff in New York next Tuesday against the Chicago White sox.

It wasn't always a sure thing last night as the LA Angels battled back to tie their game against the White Sox last night and pushed the game into extra innings. Still, early on in the 10th it was Nicky Delmonico who stepped to the plate and crushed his first career walkoff home run, a home run that set the Twins locker room ablaze!

You've heard all the numbers already but the Twins are now the first team in MLB history to make the postseason only one season removed from losing 100 games.

The Twins now have one more game in Cleveland today before heading home for one final series against the Tigers at Target Field.

Then it's off to New York for the one game Wild Card playoff scheduled for next Tuesday night!

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