Vikings Trainer Eric Sugarman Offers Updates on Bradford/Bridgewater

With the crossroads of Bradford's injury, Teddy's recovery and Cook's surgery all crossing at the same time between weeks 5 and 6 of the NFL season, Vikings Certified Athletic Trainer Eric Sugarman called the media together Tuesday afternoon for an impromptu press conference to update those cases.

"We're not dealing with a ligament injury with Sam," Sugarman said. "We're not dealing with a bone bruise from a direct hit. Sam has wear and tear in his knee joint."

Bradford underwent an additional MRI this morning in Minnesota which showed no additional damage but his prognosis will indefinitely remain day-to-day.

The decision to play Bradford Monday night in Chicago was not taken lightly by the Vikings staff. It was a collaborative decision made by Sam himself, the training staff, the coaches and the general manager. Unfortunately, the knee was re-aggravated at some point and Sam had to be removed from the game.

Bradford was wearing what's called an "unloader brace" which unloads the pressure from the specific area of the knee that has been impacted but it was not enough to take the pain away. Unfortunately, what the trainers could not simulate heading into Monday's game was actual game speed, that is where the knee ultimately gave out.

According to Sugarman, this is something that Bradford could fully recover from down the road. 

Sugarman also offered up an update on Teddy Bridgewater during the conversation. Bridgewater's rehab has gone well to date and the team will re-evaluate his status this coming Monday after the Packers game along with an independent review from Teddy's surgeon. From there, the group will again collaboratively make a decision going forward.

Also noted, Dalvin Cook underwent successful ACL repair surgery in Florida which found no further damage.

You can listen to the FULL press conference with Eric Sugarman in the player below...

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