VIDEO: Teddy Bridgewater returns to Vikings practice field

A mere 14 months later, Teddy Bridgewater returned to the scene of the crime. 

He's been through surgery, through rehab, through individual workouts with the training staff and today Teddy returned to the very field where his career nearly came to an end a member of the Vikings practice side by side with the rest of his teammates. 

His injured left knee was heavily wrapped and seemed to be supported by a large brace, but the movements, however light they were looked fluid.

The media was only allowed to watch the first ten minutes of practice before being ushered across the street and back to the media workroom. That's a normal practice, but given the fact that this is the first time we've seen Teddy a participant of practice for a long time those minutes flew by.

The period we saw won't allow anyone to make any sort of accurate predictions on the timetable, but it was good to see Teddy's smile, his infectious attitude back on the field dancing with teammates and running drills that he recently feared he would never be able to do again.

Below are a few video clips that basically highlight everything we got to see from Teddy at practice today...

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